Duties of the au pair

Your host family will let you have a timetable from which you can see in detail the jobs you will have to carry out. The jobs are very different, depending on the host family.

Here we would like to give you just some examples:

Childcare, playing with the children you look after, bringing to/picking up from school/kindergarten.

Looking after babies: changing nappies, feeding, taking out for a walk by pram etc.

Working time is 30 hours per week (babysitting inclusive).

Going shopping and running errands.

Helping around the house such as e.g.

Vacuum-cleaning and wiping,

Ironing of baby linen,

Laundry (washing machine), hanging up etc.,

Helping to prepare meals,

Preparation of meals or snacks for the children,

General cleaning work and tidying up,

In the family’s absence, the au pair will look after the house or the apartment. 

You will receive further information in the information package.